Report: At least three NBA teams will boycott Trump-brand hotels on the road

The NBA world is a politically engaged one, from the ownership to the coaches and players. Prominent NBA voices have expressed dismay over the election of Donald Trump and what it could mean for the inclusive values championed in the league.

Now at least three teams have decided to stop patronizing Trump-brand hotels while on the road in New York and Chicago, according to an ESPN report.

The Dallas Mavericks, Memphis Grizzlies and Milwaukee Bucks will no longer stay at the Trump SoHo in New York and the Trump International Tower and Hotel in Chicago. Trump no longer owns equity in the former, but does own and operate the latter.

One other Eastern Conference team will not renew its contract with the Trump SoHo at the end of this season, instead preferring to switch to a property not associated with the controversial president-elect.

There are currently seven other teams that confirmed plans to stay in Trump-branded properties this year. And still several more stayed at the Trump SoHo in the past but made other arrangements this year, but not for any political reasons.

Two of the teams that chose to take their business elsewhere should not come as a surprise. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has been a vigorous opponent of Trump, challenging and ridiculing the Republican nominee throughout the election. The billionaire Cuban famously accused Trump of inflating his wealth.

Cuban threw his support behind Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, as did Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry.

ESPN notes that NBA teams finalize travel arrangements for the regular season in August.

The Bucks actually stayed in Trump’s Chicago property in October for a preseason game against the Bulls, but only because they were unable to cancel on short notice. They have alternative accommodations for the regular season.

via nbc sports. https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/washington-wizards/report-at-least-three-nba-teams-will-boycott-trump-brand-hotels-on-the-road


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