Erica Henry

SWINCITY:Let’s talk about the beginning of your Basketball career. I have some questions for you, if you do not mind answering them.

SWINCITY: Where are you from?

Coach Henry: Shreveport, LA

SWINCITY: When did you start playing Basketball?

Coach Henry: 8 years old

SWINCITY: What made you want to play basketball?

Coach Henry: That was the neighborhood Saturday activity every morning across the street from my house.

SWINCITY: Since you are tall, I figure that you also wanted to play at the collegiate level. 

Coach Henry: I played at Fresno State 

SWINCITY: Since you have had quite the experience in this arena as a player, let’s move on to coaching. How many years have you been in the coaching world?

Coach Henry: 12 years (2 years HS, 2 years JUCO, 2 years NCAA Division 1 assistant, 1 year NCAA D 2 assistant, 2 years NCAA D2 Head coach and 3 years NAIA head coach)


SWINCITY: What made you say, “I want to coach”?

Coach Henry: I had the passion of still competing but due to an injury my competition days came to an end. However I knew that I could give back to the game in a different way, so coaching was the avenue I chose. 

SWINCITY: Now that you’re here at Paul Quinn, what made you want to take on this task? I conducted my research and the Paul Quinn Women’s Basketball team was not a program that people wanted to play for. What made you take the job?

Coach Henry: For one, I wanted to be closer to home and two …. my resume spoke for itself as far as playing and coaching on all levels, but I had never been in a position to rebuild a program.  The job at PQC has shown people that I can also rebuild and for me that was a plus to have on my resume. 

SWINCITY: What was your thought process with the players that you inherited, and, what plan did you create for the first year?

Coach Henry: Though they were extremely talented, they had had been torn because people didn’t guide them the way they needed initially.  They were young so I saw them as a clean slate.  I tried to give them confidence in their ability.  

SWINCITY: You had success your first year as your team made it to a National Championship tournament. Now, if my research serves me correctly, Paul Quinn had not been back to a national tournament since 1989.

SWINCITY:  How does that feel with something like that happening so long ago?

Coach Henry: I never really thought about it because it was so long ago…. I have used this journey as one to write a story that everyone wants to remember.  


SWINCITY: In year two, you didn’t just turn heads, you had people afraid to schedule games with you. Then, your team made it back to another national tournament. What were your thoughts for success in your second year?

Coach Henry: I sat back my first year and evaluated the talent at every school, but I paid the most attention to the schools in the top of the conference. I knew we had a few gems; we just needed one or two more pieces.  I recruited like I was on a D1 level and didn’t let kids tell me NO.  My mind set was to win but I had to win the recruiting battle.  

SWINCITY: Now, you are in your third season at Paul Quinn. How is the season going and what has been your mind-set for this current season? 

Coach Henry: The season is going decent.  We lost 7 kids from the team that went 23-10 and so a lot of people didn’t think we would be as solid.  We are young and we have our moments but this group are sponges and they want to push to be better than last season.  We are on track to have a greater legacy and its because of the foundation that was laid.  

SWINCITY: Coach, we are proud and excited for what you have done for your program and what you have done for the city of Dallas.

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